German Business Culture


In this course, participants will have the opportunity to deal intensively with cultural differences between your country of choice and Germany. In addition, different practical examples will be discussed in order to work out concrete differences. The course is designed as an intensive seminar with many interactions, videos and exercises. In this way, the participants learn how intercultural communication can be successful on the basis of typical intercultural incidents.

Target group

Specialists and managers of companies who are in contact with German customers or suppliers, or who are planning an overseas activity in Germany. Employees who are to be prepared for an activity with German colleagues or partners.


0.5 - 1 day as a face-to-face eventas virtual seminar


After the event, the participants should ...

+ know the most important cultural values in Germany

+ be able to use metaphors for culture in relation to Germany

+ be able to apply feedback rules

+ be able to give negative feedback in a more direct way

+ be able to organize presentations and meetings for a German audience

+ know how to lead, decide and resolve conflicts in Germany

+ know the German communication style

+ be able to explain the most important Do's and Don'ts in Germany